Terms and conditions Guided Hikes with Famke van der Elst 

  1. Validity

These conditions apply to every agreement to accompany walking tours between Famke van der Elst and the participant in a walking tour (including snowshoe tours), to which these conditions have been declared applicable.

  1. Agreement

An agreement is concluded by sending by e-mail the completed registration form by the participant to Famke van der Elst.

  1. Personal data

By signing up, the participant agrees that his / her name, address, telephone number and e-mail address will be provided to Famke van der Elst with due observance of the privacy statement below.

  1. Program change

Famke van der Elst makes every effort to ensure that the intended walking tour takes place according to the information provided in advance. The mountain guide guide Famke van der Elst, or her replacement, has the right to implement program changes that she considers necessary to ensure the safety of the participants and of herself. Consideration should be given to conditions such as weather, avalanche danger, terrain and the health of the participants or the regional guide itself.

  1. Overnight

Overnight stays in hotels, gîtes and / or mountain huts with breakfast and / or half or full board. Participants sleep in dormitories / dortoirs as well as in rooms for a small number of people. The participant can ask Famke van der Elst if a small bedroom can be reserved. To this end, there must still be time available to arrange this, there must be a possibility at the overnight stay and usually the participant must pay extra.

  1. Insurance

Every participant is obliged to take out accident insurance, which covers risk sports including helicopter rescue. This is possible at the Dutch Climbing and Mountain Sports Association. If the participant has a continuous travel insurance, then he / she therefore checks whether risk sports are co-insured.

  1. Cancellation

Cancellation by the participant must be communicated via email to famke@mountfulhikes.com.

For cancellations within 48 hours after booking, a full refund will be provided. Cancellations made 90 or more days before the trip are eligible for a 70% refund of the trip price. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made 0-89 days before the trip.

Famke van der Elst reserves the right to cancel a trip if the number of registrations is less than four persons. In such cases, amounts paid by participants will be returned after deducting incurred costs for the walking tour, such as rent or non-refundable accommodation down payments. Famke van der Elst cannot be held liable for any damages in this situation.

Cancellation by Famke van der Elst for reasons other than insufficient registrations will be avoided whenever possible. Efforts will be made to find a replacement mountain guide. If unsuccessful, cancellation will occur, and participants will receive a refund after deducting costs already incurred for the walking tour, such as rent or non-refundable accommodation down payments.

  1. Physical condition

Each participant must comply with the physical condition requirements of the program. She / he is also obliged to indicate on the application form if medication is used and / or there are disorders or allergies that may affect the performance of that participant.

  1. Exclusion of liability

Famke van der Elst excludes all liability for personal injury and for damage to any property of the participant. The participant should be aware that mountain hiking entails risks.

  1. Payment

The participant must pay 20% of the total amount within 8 days of receiving the request from Famke van der Elst. The remaining amount is transferred to the participant at least 4 weeks before departure.

  1. Swiss law

Swiss law applies to this agreement and all resulting obligations between the participant and Famke van der Elst.