At the age of five, my parents introduced me to the wonders of skiing. To me, the snow-covered mountains were the best playground ever, and I genuinely didn’t understand why we lived in the Netherlands instead of the mountains. From that moment on, I dreamed of become a ski champion, or at least a ski instructor. So, every year I would beg my parents to take us on a skiing holiday.  To my great joy, one Sunday while out for a family walk,  I discovered that skiing was also possible in the Netherlands.

.Skiing in the dunes 

With my ski boots on, I biked to the dry ski slope, where I practised my technique on 70 metres of slope with unparalleled (or inexplicable) enthusiasm. There was slalom training every Friday night and a competition every month. Just before my 14th birthday, I received a letter from the Young Netherlands Ski Team: I had been selected! Would my dream of becoming a professional skiing star really come true?

Lindsey Vonn

Forever in third place and also thanks to my parents, who had a better sense of reality than I did at that age, I soon discovered that I didn’t have it in me to become the Lindsay Vonn of the 80s. So, I let the slalom slide and just had fun skiing with friends and sharing our enjoyment.

.Winter vs. Summer

It’s funny to see a city dweller, who moves to the mountains out of a passion for skiing, discover that summers in the mountains are even better. Nothing could be nicer than to set off for an all-day hike with your friends, your dog, and a good picnic! This inspired me to sign up for the International Mountain Leader training course in Switzerland, which I have completed in 2018.

My four legged partner

Besides my love for the mountains, my heart belongs to dogs. My previous companion, Olle, left an indelible mark on my clients, and his legacy lives on: OLLE’s legacy
Meet his successor, Woodstock, an energetic and playful Golden Retriever, who is thrilled to share his playground with other dogs on our hikes.

Hitting the trails!

I would love to take you out on my favourite hikes in the Alps. A day hike in Verbier, or multiple day hikes in Wallis, Berner Oberland, Graubünden or Italy!
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