When I was five, my parents took me skiing for the first time. To me, the snow-covered mountains were the best playground ever, and I genuinely didn’t understand why we lived in the Netherlands and not in the mountains. From that moment on, I dreamed of become a ski champion, or at least a ski instructor. So, every year I would beg my parents to take us on a skiing holiday.  To my great joy, I discovered, one Sunday while out for a family walk, that you can also ski in the Netherlands.


Skiing in the dunes 

With my ski boots on, I biked to the dry ski slope, where I practised my technique on 70 metres of slope with unparalleled (or inexplicable) enthusiasm. There was slalom training every Friday night and a competition every month. Just before my 14th birthday, I received a letter from the Young Netherlands Ski Team: I had been selected! Would my dream of becoming a professional skiing star really come true?


Lindsey Vonn

Forever in third place and also thanks to my parents, who had a better sense of reality than I did at that age, I soon discovered that I didn’t have it in me to become the Lindsay Vonn of the 80s. So, I let the slalom slide and just had fun skiing with friends and sharing our enjoyment.


Winter vs. Summer

It’s funny to see a city dweller, who moves to the mountains out of a passion for skiing, discover that summers in the mountains are even better. Nothing could be nicer than to set off for an all-day hike with your friends, your dog, and a good picnic! This inspired me to sign up for the International Mountain Leader training course in Switzerland, which I have completed in 2018.

Hitting the trails!

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