Trek from hut to hut – Swiss or Italian Alps

Hiking from one mountain cabin to another is a nice adventure which allows you to stay up high and away from it all. Gazing at beautiful sunsets, wildlife while enjoying a well-deserved beer.  Dinner is served at large tables, where you’ll chat with other hikers about your experiences.

In most mountain huts you share a room with other hikers (which is part of the true hut experience). Mountain cabins at medium altitude are often equipped with a shower and bathroom inside the building. If you book way in advance you could sometimes opt for a double room.

There are many huts out there, so many possibilities…


All those options…

2 days, 3 day, 4 days, 8 days… Easy, moderate, hard…Short distances, medium, long? Less traveled or popular hiking tours like the Tour du Mont Blanc, Tour du Mont Fallère or the Haute Route?

Tell me what you have in mind and I will choose and guide you on the best trekking for you and your family or friends.

When you don’t fancy to share the room with people you don’t know, we could also opt for a trek from hotel to hotel or if you don’t mind carrying your camping gear and food, go wild camping! And combinations of these options, like 1 night in a tent and 1 night in a hotel, are possible too!

Contact me and I’ll organize a bespoke trip

bergtocht Zwitserse Alpen
bergtocht Zwitserse Alpen
bergtocht Zwitserse Alpen
bergtocht Zwitserse Alpen