Are you looking for the best snowshoeing trips in Switzerland? Then you’ve come to the right place! We will tell you all about the equipment you need and plan a fantastic itinerary for you and your family and friends! With snowshoes you can go exploring the beautiful winter landscape and you will be surrounded by amazing mountains! It’s a perfect opportunity to clear your mind and enjoy nature.

You will come across tracks of amazing animals! For example a deer, mountain goats and if we are lucky we might even spot the  tracks of a wolf! Do you fancy an adventure in winter wonderland? Then you should definitely go snowshoeing in Switzerland!

Snowshoeing Switzerland: Snowshoes make walking easier

First of all you need the right snowshoes. Thanks to this great invention, you can easily walk through the snow. Your weight is distributed, so your feet won’t sink through the snow under pressure. At the beginning of the hike we will explain how to walk, so you are able to make a good start! Don’t you have your own snowshoes? You can rent them at Mountful Hikes!

Jura Mountains: white, high and beautiful!

A destination that you should definitely visit are the beautiful Jura Mountains. In the Jura it’s full of with amazing snowshoe trails. Jura is also known as  winter wonderland. The mountains of the Jura are located between the borders of France and Switzerland. While the mountains are not too steep, it is the perfect destination for a snowshoe hike. Ohe of the highest peaks is the “Mont Tendre” with 1678.8 meters of altitude! From the summit you’ll have an amazing view on the Alps. This will be the highlight of our trip, but we start at the village of Marchissy. Here we will first check your equipment. Then we will start or hike and hopefully encounter some  tracks, but in any way enjoy the surroundings and the beautiful views of the Jura mountains.

Snowshoeing Switzerland: Swiss Alps, enjoy the beauty of nature!

Do you want a real challenge in nature? Then you should definitely go snowshoeing in Wallis, in the middle of the Swiss Alps. There will me more elevation gain and loss, so it’s physically more demanding. As the risk of avalanches is higher in the Alps, it’s important that you have the right equipment, such as: peeps, probes and a shovel, which you can rent at Mountful Hikes. Be assured, we will plot out an itinerarywith the lowest chance of avalanches. Our starting point is in le Châble, between Martigny and Verbier and accessible by train. Throughout these 3 days we will spend two days in the Cabane Brunet which is located at an altitude of 2103 meters. During this snowshoe trip in the Swiss Alps you will be surrounded by majestic mountains, such as: the Mont Rogneux, the Grand Combin, the Ruïnettes and many more!

Snowshoeing with Mountful Hikes? Let’s do it!

Are you thinking about snowshoeing with us in the Jura Mountains or in the Swiss Alps? Or do you need more information about these activities? You can contact us easily and without obligation by email. I hope to see you on one of these trips !


Are you ready to make the most of your winter with Mountful Hikes?

Do you fancy to join us on one of our winter trips?  You can find more information on the website about our snowshoe trips! For example, you can book us for a snowshoe trip with your company Together  we will complete a hike on snowshoes followed by a delicious local meal in a cozy mountain restaurant or prepared by our own chef in a private chalet. . Doesn’t this sound great?

Are you ready for some adventure? Have a look at the trips: A day on snowshoes, 2 days of snowshoeing in the Jura and 3 days of snowhoeing in Wallis. Read more about these beautiful destinations, such as Jura in the blog.

Snowshoeing Switzerland

Snowshoeing Switzerland

Snowshoeing Switzerland